Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baa Baa Black Ship

SoMe RaNdom UpDateSss... |

This is my friend, Leslie Chong.
He is my JUNIOR in Taylors.
but he is NOW my coursemate (same batch). Zzz
and i need him to teach me sometimes.
Malu Malu.

My coursemates. The ducky edwin, the lansi how min, the sweating sim zhe and bitchy lily.
they are younger than me as well
macam cat walk saja... hahahaha

My favourite! Mr. Edwin Kwong Chek An
HuiFeNn: Eh. i realized oh... my blog oh.... full of Edwin's picture. hahaha. \
lol. wad to do. he is photogenic mah. hahaha

My Favourite too. : Datin Vincent Chin aka chin hiao hiao
He looks horny ALL the time. hahaha. \
but we love him because he is horny, if he is not horny, he is not vincent.
so, the equation is...

Vincent = horny. not horny not equal to vincent. hahahaha.
BTW, he is a good chef. hahaha. slurrppp...

Edwin's back view. Pantat dua puluh sen macam budak sekolah rendah.


Jimmy and How Min VS laikee and Leslie.
kiwi ss, and lily not happy with someone...

Jimmy horward '' ui, skill ok''

Black and Black
Kho kee hui and Lily

Jimmy Vs Laikee.
Out liao lor.

Laikee: LOL
leslie = very serious...

Jimmy not relax enuf lah.

How Min: Fuyoo... Jimmy handsome oh.

FUNNY lah. actually all of them have their ''action''...
Leslie... like WWE. hahaa. and he is very serious.
Kiwi... very lansi. and u feel like slaping him
How Min and Lily... nothing but marah each other all the time
Laikee... dancing... or praying...?
Jimmy.... very relaks.
Me? hahahaha. Laugh a lot. LoL.

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