Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yippie Yaya... Yippie Yippie ya....

Picture of the day: Dinosaur Mating by Edwin Kwong
Mr. Edwin Kwong with his jurassic park (DinoLand)
Dinosaur eating Dinosaur

Cute Edwin playing with cute dinosaur.

Yes, he is really cute. hahaha.
Edwin proud with the Tsunami Model.
Malaysia Boleh, Edwin Boleh

Edwin with his blind dinosaur

LoL. imagine. if u really use the water tap. hhahahaha.

Dr. Masa Update. haha. in class. he is soooo relaks again. haha.
Respect Ok.

Datin Vincent Chin: Act cute
Nak Pam telingga mu tak?

Edwin Kwong in class. Hahahaha. No need to concentrate in class Ok

YEAH! Geology 112 Practical Test Kao Tim.
Easier than what i thought. Which is a good thing. hahaha.

During the test:
Mr. Samson: (reading my answer) Is conductivity a geophysical method?
HuiFenN : eh.. ya oh.. (cut away the answer)
Mr. Samson: I didn't say anything... and what about magnetic?
HuiFeNn: Oh.. magnetic also? (and i wrote magnetism in my paper)
Mr. Samson: Magnetic, not magnetism..
HuiFeNn : Ya Ohhh....
Mahathir and Samson : HAHAHAHAHA.

HuiFeNn: Sir, this question right, we need to calculate the grade also??
Dr. Prasanna: Did i give u the percentage of the ore present in the rock?
HuiFeNn: No oh...
Dr. Prasanna: then how u calculate?
HuiFeNn: FEEL IT LAH! feel it with ur heart.
Dr. Prasanna: U simply feel it, then i simply deduct ur mark
HuiFeNn: Oh. then do till here can already?
Dr. Prasanna: ( point my mistake) what is this?
instead of writing S2, I wrote Fe, which is not related to the question.
seriously, i dunno why i write Fe. But i use S data to do the calculation

while i was busy checking my answer....
Dr. Prasanna: Sim, u can leave the room already. No need to check so many times. later u get confuse....
HuiFeNn: =.='''

CONCLUSION: they are GREAT in giving tips. haha. I LOVE Mr. SAMSON and DR. PRASANNA.

Playing with rocks is not FUN at all!

Native Copper

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