Sunday, August 29, 2010

the shitty feelings.

HuiFeNn Says: Feel so sinful. feel like going to church.

it's 1.32am. i feel so depressing.
I hate this feeling. like seriously.
i feel so dumb. i feel so stupid. i feel so useless. and i feel worthless.
yes. worthless.
i don't deserve anything. from you especially. worthless. yea.
this will be a super emo and random post.I gotta admit, one of the most torturing feeling in the earth is...
you're standing in front of me, i have thousands of bullets to shoot u, but i cant shoot.
got what i mean?

Another feeling is...
the feeling of stupidness, dumbness, and worthless.
how do you feel IF gang of friends are talking about things you should know, but you don't know infront of you? not much different from the above point. just one is to shoot, another one is to be shoot.

how if there are N number of things that u doesn't know about someone you care.
and there are N numbers of things that the someone don't even want you to know?
and u feel like HPCOL (Hugging Pappi Cry Out Loud) when u know about those things that you never knw.

and what u can do is...
just close your eyes...
take out your invisible eraser, and try to erase this person permanently from your mind.

do you ever received N numbers of messages from someone?
and u feel so f-ing annoying?
u wish that the sender can just disappear forver?
Then, can u please think about the sender feels?
he/she just simply want you to reply, to make sure that you're safe...
just fuck off and tell the sender that u don't f-ing want to receive any message from him/her if you don't like.
And if you like the sender, why would you let him/her feel like talking to her, is like wasting your time?

another point... a friend of mine told me that, girls are hard to please...
i don't deny. few days ago, i was so fucked up with my friend...
he came and apologize to me for something different,
i almost explode that time, because he don't even know why the fuck i am angry.
so i complain to my another friend. he said, girls are hard to please. and sometimes, guys are dumb. they don't even know what they have done.
i was like... okay?
but this problem was solved. XD

Thats all. By3

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LiLy LuM said...

guys are really extremely dumb.. they don't even know that the girl don't like him or like him....... LOL