Monday, August 30, 2010

Important part 4

HuiFeNn says: Happy Tuition Free Week! I am gonna in love with phase diagram. soon.
and, i don't hate you, but i miss you

HuiFeNn Says: someone thought that i am my housemate's elder sister. WTF!

Okay. My Top Ten Favourite List #4.
Who else if not WENDY KEE!?
she's freaking HOT!

For this girl, i am so speechless about her.
she has the ability, to make u... fall in love with her.
guess she had rejected N number of guys.
She is cute ever since she is born.
and she likes to act cute.
she likes to multiply the words by two.
For example, wendy is cute cute...
yea, this is wad i mean.

My love for her...
is more than how much i love my country, Malaysia
because she is a merdeka baby, 31/8 baby.
Yea, her birthday coming soon.

She is my another laopo.
I love her. like how i love hwee.
She is a really soft-hearted girl.
in short, she cries easily.
I get shocked when she cried for a comedy movie, in cinema.
I get shocked when she cried in karaoke, when we were singing laopo.
she said the song represent us, and she gave us her tears.
Hugz and loves.
And baby, i miss u. and u know that you're so important to me.
I love u more than what i can say.
see you.
Happy Birthday, Baby

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