Friday, August 13, 2010

Important. Part 2.

HuiFeNn Says: Lack of updates. Busy with school stuff... Tones of Lecture notes and factsheets are waiting for me.

My Top Ten Favourite List #2, Mr. Wong C.Y.
I don't think i need to mention how i met him and all those stuff. as i ever mentioned before...
LoL.I don't need to describe his physically look.
From the photo above. u know. Good Looking! Handsome!
I Like him because.

  1. He is Handsome.
  2. He is Honest!
    I mean seriously HONEST. I don't think he ever lie to me or anything. HaHa. Like... seriously honest! TO ME ONLY MAYBE??! hahahaha. That's Why i think i know everything about him. close to everything. i think. haha. If I want. LoL! Sometime, even me myself also cannot believe. I knw SOOO much about this GUY! hahaha.

  3. He is Cute.Yea, He can be cute like a baby, or cool like ice.
  4. He know girls well.He is not womanizer. He can communicates well with female, thats why most of his good friends are female. But he is sucks in flirting. i guess. thats why he is still S and A. hahaha. he can even carry ur gucci bag for u if u want.

    And this is the MAIN reason why I LOVE him sooo much. HAHAH! Not going to mention how keji this mouth can be. LoL!

  6. He is Approachable and Nice.
    When u need him. U just need to. Sign in msn. Nudge Him. and he will be there for u. LOL! He knows know to comfort u when u are sad. how to make u happy when you are angry. Gives u suggestion and advices when u have problem

  7. Friend
    I love him just simply he is a very good friend or brother of mine. There is no point to list out the reasons why i like this friend so much because, he and me know, we need each other. HaHa. Seriously, he is a REALLY NICE FRIEND when u get close with him. trust me.

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