Saturday, August 7, 2010

Important. Part 1.

My Top TEN FAVOURITE list. (Part 1)

  • This Photo was taken 'n' years ago
    I had a ten years friendship with her. and still on going. and i have the confident. we can be friend till the day, we're no longer exist in the earth. LoL. I met her in my secondary school. and this girl really freak me out. hahaha. She's so weird. How to say ah? she has a super powerful brain that can think things that so odd. We wanted to have a small celebration after pmr, hi-tea buffet at a hotel. and guess what she said. she said. takut abu sayap. LoL. i was like =.='''
    Lenny Ng, laut di belakang. abu sayap dekat dengan kau.
    As the matter of fact, she's the only chinese girl that same class with me from form1 to form5. i got no choice. I was forced to be her friend. LoL. and it applies same to her. she was forced to be my friend.
    And after 10 years of friendship. Not much change except for that both of us put on n kg of weight. Lol.

    And i believe. n years later, we will sit in a high class coffee shop, looking for leng chai apek, OF CZ, we will have our 3/12 that time. LoLs, 38-ing, talking bout all the stories that we had gone through. I swear, u will be my BFF.
    From the story of Butterfly, to 3 in 1, to basketball, to peluh peluh. I love U, as my really good friend, Bestie.

Coming soon Part 2 will be Mr. WCY.

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