Thursday, August 19, 2010

How do I categorized my friends. The Brain.

HuiFeNn Says: Busy with studies. factsheets are killing me.will continue with my important. part 4. soon.

Life's Tough. Life's Hard.

My point today will be.....
A GOOD FRIEND of mine asked me this question few days ago.
i was like =.='''
??? WTF??? =.=''' HAR??? how do i categorize my friend???!
I NEVER CATEGORIZE my friends. i thought the friendship is like....

Erm. so, i think again. Like rock classification.
we can use folk's classification, field classification, and dunham classification, pettijohn classification any lalala classification.
SO, Let me classify my friend based of few categories.
There are several steps u need to go through to be my best friend.
  1. A BRAIN!

  2. I mean a good BRAIN! I don't deny. i love smart ass, intelligent ass, knowledgeable ass, good result ass. Someone ever told me, i make friend based on their knowledge. I am not sure. i take his point here. but who don't love smart ass right? So, i will first categorized them based on their brain! i will respect u more if u are smarter than me.
    BUT WHO DON'T!? i have this obvious example.
    As u guys know, my housemate is a smart ass. So, u can see the difference how this SOMEONE treat him compared to us. Such a hypocrite annoying PIG! Fucking Ass hole.Is like, me, or other friends, with MODERATE result saw him in cafeteria, u smile with him, he will just ignore u. u will like. WTF. then he will automatically come to talk with my housemate! WTF! just because my housemate is smarter than all of us.
    This is exactly how he looks like

    Or the way he talk to us is like, ordering u. or something. like so fucking rude until u want to buy a horse to fuck him, and when he talk to my housemate, with his fake smile, u will feel like, u want to dig a bag of nose dung nose shit or wadever shit then just insert all the shit into his mouth! WTF

Leslie Lesilly
This handsome boy who just got his new hair style.

The one who tell me that i choose my friends based on their knowledge. this HURT me. I don't purposely find smart ass to be my friends.
U thought i like to be the dumbest ass in the gang ? No, i don't. But, i love them, for who they are. not what brain they got. HaHa. Maybe sometimes yes? Like, when i have a question, i will skip everyone, and ask my housemate?
But who don't right? Even Leslie himself also like that. We observed him for some time. LoL. Even the one who complain about me did the same thing, like, when he has a question, and the lecturer is not there, he will ignore all of us, and proceed to Lychee directly. No one is blaming him. because everyone does the same thing. so, stop complain me about knowledge stuff :)
:) Yes, Knowledge is power, it gives the the ability to attract more friends.

I'll continue with the next step tomorrow. HaHa.


LiLy LuM said...

There's one thing you left out. You know my mum told me that those who critized you or hated smart ass are actually a person with huge jealousy? they disliked it because they hated the fact that they are not smarter than him and though he tried so hard, he never reached his level. That's my mum's definition. Ahem~ But Im sure leshlie is not that kind of person.. =) *wink wink*

plank ton said...

hahaha.. i like ur quote.
"so fucking rude until u want to buy a horse to fuck him"
i agree to what ur friend Lily said.. *thumbs up*

edwinkwong said...

yalor wrong meh like smart people... who doesn't. if lai kee not smart, he is only one with the bad mouth. being smart is a bonus. just like the post about big pig there in the post.