Saturday, August 14, 2010

Important. Part 3

HuiFeNn says: Humans are so unpredictable. i am in love with a new mineral, TiTanite!
Yea, Titanite! Not TITANIC!

My Top 10 Favourite List #3.
Miss Chan Sze Hwee
She is intelligent. She is FREAKING smart.
She can shoot u without any weapons except her mouth. AND her bullets are INVISIBLE! If u don't think twice, u will never know that she is shooting you!
sometimes, it may sounds like she is praising u, but in fact, she is shooting u indirectly!
She is the most explosive and dangerous Bomb that i've ever met. haha.
But No worries. i love her for who she is.

She is not only my bestfriend, or sister, but she is one of my LaoPos.
Yeap, THey are my Laopos.
No word can describe how much i love them.
I love them more than what i can say.

Back to HWEE!
Similar to WCY, she has a poisonous mouth.
And yea, i love her poisonous mouth. FOR NO REASON!

Unlike to normal girl, she has HIGH imagination.

We always imagine things that... probably won't happen...
like donut, ocean or horse stories.
Although these stories are just our imagination, but i will never forget about them...
and these stories, bought lots and loads of laughter for us. haha.

She is more attractive that wad i can say.
Both physically and mentally.
I love u. Baby

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