Monday, August 30, 2010

Important Part 5

HuiFeNn says: too busy lazy to update my blog.

I hate batu api. Batu api, fuck off. wtf.
But it's okay, since you're batu api, i'll be batu api too. let others hate u as well.
LaLaLa. i know i am bad. whatever. who cares.

My Top Ten Favourite List Top 10
Number 5
Definitely goes to Tiny and Dangerous LiLy
p/s: i will not separate LiLy Lum and her Hon, C.H.M.
So, okay lor. give u lor. Number 5 goes go LiLy Lum and C.H.M

LiLy Lum.
Amoi, i kenal u more than satu tahun sudah! and u belum lagi grow tinggi-er!
wtf. wasted my 2 tahun birthday wish :(
And this amoi oh... she kata ohhhh... she mahu guna this photo... to join ms. curtin. LoL. Jk. jangan marah ba
update: she said that she looks like chen qiao en. LoL.

If oh.... dia hilang dari curtin oh..
my life will be soooo empty. hahaha.
who will accompany me to fool classmates during april fool? wtf.
who will help me to reload my bullet when i am ''out of bullets''?

wtf. evil! evil lily. but.... P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S
Don't act innocent liao la.
Bitchy lily.
This bitch is scary.....
she likes to plant flowers.
LoL...! and her flowers telah disunat dan dipotong by her bf. lol.

And this evil bitchy LiLy Lum's Bf, Mr. Chung How Min
He is so $%^&*(*&%$# zzz

He always says that he has a big _____ (fill in the blank)
and even TUDUH i like to SEE his ______ (fill in the blank)
wtf. why do i need to see ur _______ (Fill in the blank)
ur _____ (fill in the blank) big or it is just ur B_sh (fill in the blank)
And, yeah, the evil couple. wtf
Their Daughther,
and their son
The L's Family

And this LANSI friend of mine...
not only TUDUH that i see his ______ (fill in the blank)
But he always scold me that i like to walk between LiLy and Him.
wtf. u walk at the left side cannot meh.
ish. lol.
I am pretty sure that he went to melacca before.
or just came back from melaka.

Fill in the blank.

By the way, Mr. Chung is my kawan of SUPP! LoL.

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LiLy LuM said...

Hearts you lots!!!! <3<3<3