Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lim Kee Shen

Lim Kee Shen
he is a small boy. hahaha.

not a man yet. hahaha. didididi... you're soo cute.... hahaha.
but then he is smart. haha. try u imagine. 17years old in degree first sem. haha.
geng leh... i am proud of u lim kee shen. hahaha.

"saya suruh kamu beritahu dia,
kamu tidak beritahu dia,
dia datang cari saya kata kamu tidak beritahu dia,
sekarang saya mahu kamu beritahu dia,
supaya dia tidak datang beritahu saya,
kamu tidak beritahu dia."

hahahaha. he is smart right. hahaha. sweat? we have this BERITAHU
in hakka version, mandarin version, hokkien version, vietnam version, english version, canto version... hahaha. its all thanks to Mr.Lim Kee Shen. hahaha.
small boy boy.... i respect respect you de lor. hahaha.
you're cute cute de lor. haha.
always want to sayang sayang you de lor.

he is REALLY a good friend la.
hahaha. our PD FAMILY will never be complete without him.
hahaha. wei keeshen... dun double ur words always la. hahaha.

paiseh paiseh de lor
hahaha. oh ya. and oh.. this guy a... hahaha.
he has a lot of 'weird' and 'funny' idea(s)...
hahaha. such as...

'xuet cha yit' (which means... iced tea hot)
or... 'roti canai tak mau roti'
or nasi goreng tak mau nasi
or even mee goreng tak mau goreng? hahaha.

you're never be bored when he is by ur side. haha.
true right wei ling? hahaha.
anyway... hahaha

Lim Kee Shen… you rocksssssssss

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Kee Shen Lim said...

Thank you huihuifenfen T.T