Sunday, August 17, 2008


Why do human likes to take pictures? Camwhoring? SS? I remember my accounting class in ICPU. We called ourselves SS group. We love taking pictures, including our lala lecturer, Miss Esther. Haha.
Had you ever think why? Why do we need to take pictures? Or photos? We’ll feel uneasy if we forgot to bring camera? Haha. Why do we willing to spend thousand of ringgit to own a digital camera? Do you ever think why?

1. To keep as memories…
This is my sweetest memories in icpu. So, why don’t I take some pictures and keep it as my memories. Like now, when I look back at the picture, I can still remember what happened that day. Haha. In physics lab with Jacky. Then we wait for Eng Guan at garden.

2. to proof something
Very Obviuos and don't need any caption. haha

3. to show that you're handsome/pretty/cute
Still.... Cute.. haha

And Handsome...

4. to show others that u have a ‘nice’ partner
I dunno whether they are partner or not. just that their picture are sweet. haha.

5. to let friends and family know how you doing when you're not around

Haha.. see.. now i knw this is x berkulat in tasmania. he is still doing fine.

But Oh.... he is damn SEXY now. gogogo... gogo wong chik yoong. hahaha

6. to use your thousand ringgit technology

A quote from my math lecturer actually. Haha. but true right. Why don't you use since u already bought it. haha. tak kannya u want it to berkulat then only u use?

7. to remember how u looks like that time

Haha. see. Chik Yoong without his pax.... haha,. that time he is still... so... erm.. 'chuan'... haha...

8. to NOT forget someone

9. to let other people THOUGHT that you’re pretty/handsome

Y u spent so much time in editing ur pictures? this is not real. i mean... you'll feel geli right. when you're not good looking, but u thought you'll so attractive or wadever. not saying u, ERIC LIM...just an example.

10. to do some crazy things.

But I still don't get the point. HaHaHa
Remember to bring camera with u all the time. use ur thousand ringgit technology. hahaha...


Dalet said...

I like no.2 hahaha

of tr@vels, 3nvironment, 9hotography and bl@bl@bl@ said...

no.1, 2, 4, 5 are good reasons..that are not lame lor :P

kenwooi said...

taking photos in fun! =D