Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Belated Friendship Day and Happy Belated Birthday....

To my Dearest (not friend ar) Best Friend, Wong Chik Yoong....
Happy Belated Birthday. i knw.. i am too late. haha., but then.... erm.. i guess i am the last one to wish u birthday right?
hahaha... so.. remember me. hahaha. (i gt this idea from Ball Ball). hahaha.
Lol. i dunno what to wish u. cz you're doing everything good now. hahaha.
wish u gt a Excellent result in ur studies? no need. cz u gt a lot of High Distinction already.
wish u become more handsome? no need. cz you're handsome enuf already. ehem. haha.
wish u happy always? no need. cz you're happy enough already.
wish u healthy always? no need. cz you're very healthy now. haha.

i knw.. i knw wad to wish u. hahaha.

I wish u.... Earn a lot of $$$$$$$... i knw.. i knw.. cz u and me lovvveeee money... hahaha.
I wish u... surrounded by a lot of leng luiS.... i knw i knw. i understand.... HaaHa..
I wish u... Losssss weight...hahaha..... come back be another Chik Yoong. hahaha. I wish u... ENJOY UR LIFE IS TASMANIA.

weird right my bday wishes... haha. but then... erm.. hope you'll like it. hahaha. hey... like wad i told u in friendster. i am not going to wish u happy belated Friendship Day. Cz you're not my Friend. hahaha. you're my SUPER FRIEND? Best Friend? Brother? Teacher? Just that i knw you're very important to me. cant wait for the reunion. hahahaha. count down. hahaha.... 4 months to go... GOGOGO.... hahaha.

And to all my friends... HAPPY BELATED FRIENDSHIP DAY... hahaha.

(Happy belated Birthday, Thiha)

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