Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 3..

I still remember remember you nip my hand
And then give me the ball in your mouth
Want me to play with you
You liked it when I touched your little ear
Rest at my side, no worries
Roaming through the dream
Good doggie good doggie
Thank you for staying with mummy so long
You most certainly have not left me
Just moving to heaven to live
Wang wang you need to remember me
Don’t get lost
Hurry find your angel
In heaven give us your protection
Wang wang
Do not forget me
And all your dear aunties, uncles and your friends
You will forever in our memories

Day 3 already... u gone for 3days already...
but our misses to you... will never fade...
cz you're my champion dog...
our whole family is missing you...
you must be happy...
no more suffering in heaven...
one day.. when i meet you again...
you'll jumping around,
and tell me that you miss me...
I believe... we'll meet again one day...
i miss you, my dear wang wang..
rest in peace.

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