Sunday, August 10, 2008


Hello. i am not basi yet. haha. just.... erm.. very busy. haha. okay. not to mention y i am busy. hahaha. or else i'll angry again. hahaha. okay...

i suddenky feel so curious..... to know... what will happen in the future.. and do u think that u spent money in studying (wadever course) is worth it? okay. maybe its true for u.

but then.. i keep on thinking. i felt like... i am studying.... just to get a degree. hahaha. how to say. okay. if not mistaken. A fresh graduate geology in Malaysia can only earn RM2500-RM3000. do you think this is enough? i dun think so. WAD IF... you want to buy a house? or a car? okay.. well... let tuition fee is RM10800 a sem. so, its around RM64800 to complete this course. okay. i knw. it is considered as CHEAP if u compared with those who go to overseas. but then... RM64800... how many months do i need to work to get back this amount? 2years? or 3 years?

okay... now... i tk an example, my sister in law's sister. same age with me. she is currently working with the government. and her salary is more than RM2000? if not mistaken. i dunno. haha. but then she is able to buy her own laptop, her own car, her own small business. wad about me. i am 20years old also. but then i am still spending my parents money. hahaha.

i will graduate in 3years time... (if nothing goes wrong)... haha... okay. let say her salary is RM2000... (and it will increase again right?)... in 3years time.. she can earn at least RM72000. the moment when she is earning money... i am busy spending money to study... (or i shud say wasting time to study?). haha. okay. then... let say. three years later.. she has the experience already. and i guess her salary..... will be more than that (RM2000). then... i am a fresh graduate that time. with a salary of RM2500. can i buy a car? can i buy a house? i guess NO. hahaha.

you see... she dun need to put MUCH afford... still... she can earning money. haha. i need to spend money and time to study... dunno can earn how much. haha. apa lagi i dun even know whether i can find a job after i graduate? do u knw wad is geologist? sigh. no confident.

but then... if u ask me.. NOT TO study... i will rather die. haha. okay. u can say i kiasu or wadever, i knw.. i need a degree badly. i dun care how much salary will i get in the future. the only thing that i knw is, without a degree i will feel... shame... okay. ya. i am kiasu. so wad. hahaha...


okay. y i am busy.... for the whole week... please. dun say i racist.... i am good with azhar... azlan... i like amir too... but then this gal (bitch) really pissed me off.

so what u have a diploma in civil engineering? you're not RESPONSIBLE at all..... just fuck off la. and dun let me see u anymore.... Shit. Bitch.

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