Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wong... Wong...

Wong... wong... chik yoong... chik yoong...
=wong chik yoong. haha.
wei.. thanks for being my friends. haha.
we knw each other for more than 8 years already. haha.
cannot believe... haha... that time you're still an innocent boy. haha.
now... lol... sooo damn mature and looks like a lawyer already.
haha. remember? we hate each other? from form2-form5?
wondering what will happen if i didnt go for that reunion?
or wad happen if u didnt go for the reunion?
or maybe i did not go early?
or u go late?
u wont tell me the myvi story? hahaha.
and u wont set me as your friends and family in ur digi account?
so do I? hahaha...
i wont forget about the myvi story. cz it is very true. haha.
remember? we chat with each other everyday?
from day to night? haha. so desperate huh?
how many smses per day? haha. average 100 smses a day? haha. i dun remember. 3 years of friendship (after the reunion)....
hahaha. but uncountable stories?
haha. remember? from Joe to Peter... Peter to (i forgot)... hahaha... till now. teh boh. haha.
and ur story... from small but branded stuff? to the malay chicken? haha? and now to 'ke ai nv ren'
haha. not only that. we look at people's friendster and laugh like crazy?
And we do experiments? haha.
From maktab to Taylor's... Taylor's to Curtin...
from maktab to IS... IS to Tasmania...
you're still my best friend ever. hahaha.
(shhhh... dun tell lenny ng... even lenny ng also cannot lawan. hahaha.)
anyway.... be more happy. and dun keep on thinking about those....
be determined... dun listen to jay's songs liao lar. haha.
be happy k... be a successful lawyer.
and help me to sue John. hahaha. (i forgot y i want to sue him)
come back malaysia. u owed me lime juice lar.... haha.
faster come back... haha....

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