Sunday, July 20, 2008


ok... i am really back this time. hahah... hectic. haha. i got a very bad result for my Engineering First Year First Semester final exam. yea. i dunno how... bt i am sad.... as i predicted... but still.. very sad. sigh. sad cz i dun think i can be an engineer in my future... sad because i just adapted with life in curtin, then now i have to go. i am sad because i have to say goodbye to all my curtin's friends, especially Shu Ling, Sim Zhe, and Li Wen they all. i am going to miss them a lot. sad.... like how i miss yee hong, wendy, hwee they all. haha. i am always alone. hahaha. kerlian right. hahaha.

i just came back to miri this morning. haha. came to krista kindergarten directly. haha. i had a tired day. to yelled and shouted at the kids. haha. they are just too naughty. but undeniable, they are cute. haha.... tired tired. seriously.. i am very tired. haha. i need to sleep more. haha.

hahaha.... i cannot believe. hahahahahaha. my pappi grew sooo big already. hahahahaha.. she is so cute. i cant wait to hug her. so sayang her. haha. too cute... tai ke ai... hahaha. terlampau comel. hahaha.... my ball ball and wang wang also very cute.... hahaha. (but pappi more cute. hhahaha.)

okay. i am going to post about.............. Azlan Othman in my next post. haha. cya

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