Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bored in Management 100

Oh well.... i started my Sem2 Today. but only management 100 class. BORED.... i miss hwee... and wong chik yoong very much. really. i feel so lonely without them. hahaha. my 2 bestest friends. hahaha.
Ok... management class... nothing special. first lecture. we learn about planning, organizing, leading and controlling. lol. i am so new to this kinda things. haha.
i never learn in International Business (ICPU). hahaha. lol
but then i guess the class will be fun. hahaha. okay.
i promise. i will work hard for this semester. haha.
no more changing course.
must work hard. hahaha.
My timetable sucks. i tk only 3units. but then. erm.; how to say.
hahaha. i dun have class on monday.
but... erm.. a lot of GAPS. haha. dunno wad to do with these gaps.
play? online? study? hahaha.
click here to find the goal of your life.
wong's goal is to be a successful lawyer? haha.
my goal? to be a famous geologist? hahaha.
dun ask me... only wong knw the goal of my life. hahaha.
btw. click here and here to view the kickass blogs that wong intro. hahaha.
really kick. haha. view it. hahaha.
Hwee. i miss u lar. i am sad. cz i dunno when i can see u again.
but thank you for sharing the information with me.
so that i wont feel like i am from the outer space.
wong wong... be more happy. haha. look at my 'i hate you' picture. haha.
gogogo. dun waste our remaining 66.66666% (hopefully will be more than that) of our life.
Good luck and take care always in Tasmania. haha.
'Balik la'. 'Jangan Balik lah' (cikgu Lily? ) haha

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