Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Story

Hwee, Fen, Wen, Dy
Horse, Donut, Crocodile, Ocean
Hwee... Wendy... PeiWen...
I really miss u people lar... (and also 'them')
haha. i cannot believe that we can 'talk' about them for more than a year already.
Who are them actually?
Show? Lee Hom? Jay? Fong De Lun?
or 'Baima? Da Hai? Yuan Yuan? Er Yu?
or 'Xue ye meng jin', 'kuai gao zhang da', 'xin xiang shi chen', 'cai yuan meng jin'?
i dunno.... i really dunno. the thing that i am very sure is.... i am so in love with them in my imaginary world. and so do wendy, hwee and peiwen. hahaha.
"Imagination has no limit, it helps to explore opportunities"
true right?
Wendy and Hwee...
U girls remember what we did for them before our second semester exam? (before my bio paper)
POEM night... haha. i cannot believe. we are so desperate.... haha.
dun read my biology text book. to do the poem.
we have english and chinese version. remember?
and remember? what we did? we created something very secretive in somewhere?
no one else in the Earth knw about it. only we 3 and Qihan. (sorry, i broke the rules)
and we even do so much of research about them...
remember? wendy and me heart broken?
hwee sad because of snow angel? remember all these?
And also our BOOK about them?
Although i did not update for a long time already... but i guess i will be done in someday in the future.
this is our promise...
Remember the volkswagen and lc gal story? and the girl that bully our PeiWen story?
and also the hospital event? someone bites someone's hand? and all the funny funny scene?
Eye shit incident? and 'Nicholas' story?
i wont forget for life. because.. i never do this kinda 'sweet' and crazy things before.
I will never forget 3 of u in my life.
and also our date to travel together.
buy car together. yamcha at 'sui bian' restorant together.
friends... no.... sisters... no.... i sud say... laopos forever...

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