Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I miss You

me and wong chat about something very stupid. to release our STRESS.... bout teh Boh and stuff. hahaha. sot. lol..... just imagine. dun worry wong.... i've new target already. hahaha.

i went to curtin today. hahaha. hahaha. meet sim zhe and thiha. haha. sim zhe is still the same. the sottest guy,. haha... and thiha...

lol... thiha. dun say i like chuma anymore la. i am not. hahaha... i knw you're so in love with your SiMinTha. hahaha. lol......

i took a photo of Sim Zhe. i dun dare to upload. haha. i scared that he will angry, haha, can i upload, Zheeeeee? hahahaha

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