Friday, April 30, 2010


We're just finished playing with the six little cute rocks.
But another assignments coming.
and due sooooonnn...
why do i choose geology??? Sigh..
housemate was overstressed because of the rock relation diagram.
Okay, well, we're nw in coffee bean, drinking pure chocolate, lying on the comfortable sofa, listening to classical music. Relaxing to the max. Guess once a while we should love ourselves more..

Watched ip man last night. It was a lot better than wad i expected. Hahah. Nice.

And oh ya. I cut my hair. Yeah. Short hair nw. Hahah... I thought i can jimat shampoo after cut. Bt im wrong. Cz i wash my hair like... Twice a day. Hahah. Short.. Easy. Lol.
I knw this post is soo random. Bt im doing ntg in coffee bean.

No pictures. Dun expect too much frm nokia 5800

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