Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Best TOOL!

HuiFeNn says: I swear. i am not using u. haha.

I found a super good tool last semester :)

in lab, we were gossip about a couple, where the girl was using the guy, as he is smart, can helps her in her studies. something like that.

so i said. err...? maybe no lah. how can u like someone just because he is smart. somemore the guy is not bad waaaaaa...... quite okay mah...
then, a friend of mine said, like u lah. you're using LK.
i was like. WTF!?
i pulled his pants, LiLy and Vincent saw his half moon.... :)

so, this question pop up!
I am close with LK because he is smart??

Okay, i admit. this is how i 'use' him.

- i always ask him to carry my stuff. my lecture notes, my books, or even food for chou chou...

- he is my tutor. he 'consult' me whenever i am stuck in my studies. or assignment.

- he is a good listener. i will tell him from a to z. z to a. he just listen. and 'advise' me with a word of 'WOW'. haha.

- he is a good driver. in miri, whenever i am lazy to drive, he is willing to drive. in kk, he is a real good driver.
but he lost his key all the time
- he is a good companion. he accompany me to watch horror movies (ju on, case 39, paranormal activity...)
- he is a good alarm clock. lol. he DISTURB me like an alarm clock every morning... Grrr...

- he is a good stress ball. i pinch him, squeeze him, punch him, hit him whenever i am stress.

- and yeah, he make me smiled whenever i am down. when i tell him that i am stress and want more holiday, he plan with me when to skip class. when i tell him that i am depress, he wrote something funny, a story, to me. when i tell him that i am bored, he drew me something through msn that can make me non stop laughing.

- he buy me good things. like my lovely pluto, souvenirs from china, chocolate and stuffs.

and hell, i cannot imagine how to live without him after we graduate.
Bah, off, i think its time for me to do my assignment. hahahaha.

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kenwooi said...

lol.. so you mean very good friends lah? =)