Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Friendship Versus Friendship problems

I am seriously EMO now!
so, this will be an emo post.
And I am Super Lack Of Love now...

I dunno why the F*ck some people just like to think a lot of things.
I am SICK with these kinda HUMANS!

I want only the Pure and SIMPLE friendship.
Is this too much?
I am asking for too much?
I HATE when people telling me that i am using him/her.

I am not that kind of people that will CHOOSE friend based on the knowledge.
Doesn't mean that if you're more intelligent, i will treat u better or i will love u more.
I JUDGE my friend by their attitude!

I swear.
ok. undeniable, most of my friends are smarter than me.
can help me in my studies.
BUT! i don't mind to have friend that i can be able to help him/her in studies.

I HATE when u tell me I will ForGet One to GaiN another one......
I dunno whether i am immature or what. i just think that this idea is really immature!
Instead of Forget another friend, why can't i REMEMBER both of them?

I'm going to be crazy soon. Damn

Am I wrong or you're oversensitive?
I don't know.
I am asking question because i dun understand.
U explain to me. using very 'high technology' language,
I still don't understand.
I look for another friend, copy and paste what explain for me, to him.
He summarize what u wrote.
And translate to me.
U feel offended. U feel like... what dun I ask him at the first place?
because i thought that i can understand wad you're saying.
But i can't. thats why i need a translator.
I know the best way to solve this problem.
Either not asking u any question, or after i ask another guy to interpret for me, i will just keep quiet.
SO, i really know what to do. From now on, I will control what to say, and just SHUT UP!
and i will act dump!
I'm super sick with all these!
I know, u will feel offended IF u read this.
BECAUSE u already offended me at the first place.
The string is cracking.
Okay, fine, i admit. But, am I the only one who need to be responsible for the cracks?
can u produce any sound by clapping only one hand?
I admit. maybe its my fault.
But doesn't mean that you're 100% in the right side.
WE appreciate what you've done to us.
What u helped us.
I do appreciate it. thank you very much.
but since you're thinking that i am using u,
i promise. i will REDUCE all these.
sorry for troubling u..
aNyway, i will treat u as my friend too.

I know. i shouldn't publish this. but i really need a place to throw all my feeling in. I am super bad mood now. and i did not mention who your name. if you think you are the one who i am saying. then u are. siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas.


WeNdy! Hwee Hwee! Bee Bee! CF! EvoNNe!
I want u people!
At least u people never say that i am using u...
I want my girls back.
Girls that i can share all my feeling and thoughts to,
Girls that share my happiness and sadness.
Girls that smile with me when i am happy,
wipe my tears and hug me when i am crying or sad
Girls that are always support and encourage me. A group of friends that share our knowledge, experiences, and everything together.
A family that will accompany me at the garden in the midnight,
to talk about my problems... consult, and advise me.
Friends that are care for u,
the feeling of going out together, and stick together, is just too great.
No one was abandoned or isolated.
Acting cute with friends is just too fun.
I miss a great class that all of us has passed all of our friendship test.
The bonds will stick together and never broken although we're far apart.
I miss the way we praising and teasing each other...
Like, hadiah utama. :(
I miss Jin Herng's driving skill!

Friends that are just too cute... acting as powerpuff girls and mojojojo is a good memory.

I miss every SS moments in KL.
I hearts my birthday celebration that u people prepare for me.
I appreciated it.
My 19th birthday will be my best birthday celebration in my entire life...

And i am graduated from taylors. i need to be back to my hometown.
I Don't know whether u ppl miss me or not.
But touching my heart, answering this question,
I Miss U ppl a lot.
A lot.
A lot.

Just ignore me if u think this post is soooo boring..
cz I am Lack Of Love Now.
Anyone? please provide me some...............




Yeah, Thinking of them, can reduce my emo. :)

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