Monday, April 12, 2010

For The Most Important Girlfriend In My LiFe

HuiFeNn Says: Field Trip burnt my skin and ears. i need stronger sunblock. and i am really exhausted now.

This post is all about..... And our dreams.
And how i wish that i can now FLY to UK to meet HER....
For my BaBy DarLiNg, Miss Chan Sze Hwee.
HaPPy Birthday. and its ur big DAY!We're going to play daidee now.
and we're too matured to play black jack.

Darling, I tell u,
I love u to the max.
I feel like hugging u now, and tell u how much i miss and love u.
i wanna wrap u in my arm, kiss u, and hug u. seriously. Our memories, is the greatest gift that God gave me.
and i know that it will never end.

I miss the days when we were rushing for assignment at the midnight.
Digging secrets in garden.
Gossip and writing novel.
I really love u.

I miss the time when we take thousands of photos together.
Hee Hee Hah Hah like the road belongs to us.
Don't even bother people look at us.
We just enjoy our time.

For the girl that i love the most,
I wish u,
All the best in everything,
Will get ur first horse soon,Yeah, horse. not pig okay.
I wish that my baby will be as healthy as always,
as smart as always,
as tricky as always,
as charming as always,
as lovely as always,
as caring as always.

I wish you're doing well in UK, can meet friends like US. Cause we really miss u.

i'm sorry that i couldn't make this post nice.
as i am having my fieldtrip now.
But i promise, i will update again soon.

Elbert Ler, please take a good care of her.
Love her, as she's really lovely.

Loves and Hugs.

Huh! i am on time. 11.59pm Malaysia TIME!

I hope i am the last one to wish u happy birthday and the first one to with u happy belated birthday.
I Love u, Chan Sze Hwee. Happy Birthday

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