Friday, April 16, 2010


HuiFeNn Says: I really need a name tag now... and i am Ultramafic now..

Felsic and Ultramafic :(

Hey Hey Hey!
I am back from my field work now.
7 days field trip is like..... HELL for me.

Joke of the Year.
We were studying some outcrops in Golden Hill Memorial Park (chinese cemetery).
We need to determine the lithology of the outcrops and also their dip and strike for the mapping.
wuhoo. producing our very first GEOLOGICAL MAP.
haha. we were so careful in the memorial park.
and know what happened to out friend.
A friend of mine, from another country, he doesn't know that it was a cemetery.
He measure the DIP and STRIKE of the grave.
the lithology was sandstone :)
dip to North West direction :)

And kiwi leslie and his gang,
they had their lunch in the memorial park.
what happened next.
they non stop farting :)

my friends are just too cute. hahaha.

someone proud with his N97.
haha. bohoo. i can play N97 quite often. :)
Ignore his darky hand

to be continue......

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