Monday, November 23, 2009

all the times we had together

Today is my black day.
And I really feel like crying now.
everything comes together, my heart is not strong enough for all these.
I really need to calm down.
and i wish i could hide in a cave for a week.
No matter what i did, wad i said, someone will be offended.
I really dunno what to do.
I am lost.
case 1. ok. i still can accept.
case 2. i will control myself.
case 3. i am bad mood.
case 4. i am angry
case 5. i am speechless.

all of the above cases are very minor and small case. but when all attack u at the same time... i really dunno how to face.
so if i show my black face to u today...
i can only say sorry.
thats all.
i have to go.
just leave me alone

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