Friday, November 27, 2009


Photo of the day: For my Darlings.
L for Lily, K for Kiwi, and LK for LaiKee. wakaka

It's time for me to update my blog.
I'm having a longgg boreddd holiday
I'm lack of cash now.
Holiday = no pocket money (frank, 2005).
I need to find something to do.
Part Time anyone?

I actually miss my tuition weeks.
I miss my friends, lecturers, and campus.
haha. please. i don't want weekly quiz, topic tests, and practical tests.

Me and my friends went to Petroleum Mus
eum again.
this time with the photographer of the below picture, Mr. Yeap,
My dream guy, Mr. Kho,
and Miss shorty, Miss Lily aka Mrs. Chung.
We were trying very hard to push.
'The Grand Old Lady'
My model of the day, Kho Kee Hui,
With the weird mouth.
Trying to take some so-called artistic photo. hahaha.
With lily's ass.

i'm waiting for Lily and Leslie for monopoly tonight.

8,9,10 Dec... Big Days..
8 December 2009 = Darling, Ling's Birthday
9 December 2009 = VERY BIG day for all Curtin students.
10 December 2009 = Lily's Boyfriend's Birthday.

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