Monday, November 16, 2009

Its a Small World after All

Random Update... i am finally done with my Geology 102 Exam.
I don't know whether i can do well or not.
But i answered all the questions. Erm?
LiLy's Post (i will update a post bout my handwritting after exam)
She said that i am very Lansi. Erm. Maybe?
I chat with Vic last night.
See. He also complain that i am lansi. sighh

Evonne Cheang! If you're reading this.
You're friend. Vic. he said he is not stuck anymore. hahaha

My friends are funny.
Click. and read. I really LMAO!
superman ! hahaha

Went to Prasanna's office after exam.
LoL. Asked him bout 2012.
He said it might be true. He asked his astrology friend.
LoL. I dont want to die =(
2 more days. and i will be free. yeah.

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