Monday, November 3, 2008

Final Exam Alert

I am quite emo in my previous post. but i am okay already now.

Finals coming very soon.... in few days.. i am not ready for the exam. especially Statistical Data Analysis. haha. Siaw Hui (mgt group member) and I created some interesting stories to memorize the terms in our management. haha. lol... wanna share with u ppl. haha. if you're taking management... i hope this helps. hahaha. lol....

10managerial roles.

Fair (figure head)
Lady ( Leader)
Like (Liason)

Me (monitor)
Do (Disseminator)
Steady (Spoke person)

Enter (Entrepreneur)
D (disturbance handler)
Rescue (resource allocator)
Najib (negotiator)

so, the story is talking bout, FairLady Like Me do Steady Enter D room to Rescue Najib. hahahahahahha.. nice?

to be continue....

okay. got to off now. to study

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