Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Wang Qing

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to Wang Qing,
Happy Birthday to you....

Hey, Mr. Wang Qing, its your birthday... Happy Birthday.... here i wish u....

  1. Healthy always (like ur email, healthy...@hotmail...)
  2. All the best in your studies... finals coming... haha. u can spend one of ur bday wish for the final exam result (yer, i envy you lar)
  3. Happy Always (Happy kan? cz jay new album released already. hahaha. i am damn happy)
  4. Be a Good Driver ( i just got ur sms... u said that you're happy today cz u x mati engine, driving a manual car today) wang qing, for ur info, mati engine means DIE ENGINE... hahaha. 'si huo' in chinese
  5. i wish u... grow taller...
  6. Lastly, may all the above 5wishes will come true... hahaha. this is my wishes... i wish ur all bday wishes will come true. hahaha. best wishes. LoL...
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    AND, YOU'RE OLD NOW!!! WAKAkA... joking only lar



Anonymous said...

lol. Wish him grow taller.

HuiFen said...

hahaha. lol. if he can grow taller.. i believe he will be very lucky. hahaha