Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am back

"i miss them"
my blog is almost dead. haha. and luckily i am still alive to cure it. busy even after exam haha. my second, first sem finish already. 3more years to go.... lol. Ling, my darling. we have another 3 years to go. i love u. haha. .... actually i am busy with the kindergarten kids, and also my dogs. hahaha. know what, i have 3dogs at home.... hahahaha....
My uncle gave me another basset hound last night, haha... lol.... MICKEY...
"bu yong mafan le, bu yong mafan le..." (niu zai hen mang)
a male basset hound... Pappi finally have a friend boyfriend, husband? .
and she is happy like spongebob!!
hahaha. and there are happy. Mickey, not as cute as Pappi, cz he is skinny, but still, he is a basset hound... basset has funny face... so... hahaha. u knw wad i mean. hahahaha. and somemore... bassets are damn noisy... the 2bassets woke me up this morning because they are having a mini concert. and ball ball, my country dog looks like =.=''' <- this exactly. hahaha. okay. i am going to share the 2 bassets story here. not for children under 18... 18sx. hahahaha... i am 21 already. hahaha.
yesterday, once Mickey reached my home.... pappi saw him... Pappi do not wan to layan him. Cz she is shy. hahaha. and know wad. after 10 minutes. hahahahahaha. they play like... erm... then hoh. me and my sis bath them. we put both of them on the table. want to take picture... BUT, mickey ar... damn gete, means miang. hahaha. he keep on licking Pappi's ehem ehem.... okay. then he looks like wan to rogol my cute innocent pappi. pity pappi. she is still underage.
DSC01311 a
pappi looks like this when she 'tot' she almost kena rogol...
then, i look for my lawyer, ball ball... to sue mickey for raping pappi. and once again, ball ball looks like this --> >.<'''
his BAY SONG face
okay. i am crazy bout the dogs at my home..... i love bassets..... haha. i love ball ball... i miss Wang Wang, and Arnold......
okay... the ONLY reason, why u need dog at home is because...
yoong 2
GOLDEN YOONG YOONG retriver hahahahha. agree? cute? haha

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