Monday, July 26, 2010

My Long and Bored Holiday

Tuition Free Week from 27 July 2010 to 2 August 2010.

i miss class.
i miss my friends.
I miss my lecturers
But i seriously DONT miss those assignments and lecture slides.

Thanks god. i managed to survived last semester
Yeap, i don't get good result, but i am really satisfied with my result. hahahahaha.

Lecturer said. Aim for 8 and get 7. aim for 7 and get 6. aim for 6 to get pass.
LOL! but i aim PASS, which is 5 (FIVE!) for everything.
so, when i check my result,
i feel. WOW! hahahaha.
OK. i got this result.
OKAY! I KNOW! not a good result. But its better than wad i expected XD

I got no confident at all. for this semester.
And i bought my ticket to KK before the final.
I considered about supplementary exam.
So, i book my ticket from KK to Miri on 19July.
Lesson learnt: Believe urself =.='''

And i am now in MIRI!
I got nothing to do EVERYDAY!
I finished 2 (25eps) tvb series in two days!
wtf again.
Btw, remember my cool Japanese Lecturer??

This Random GUY!
REMEMBER? he is no longer in curtin.
I don't deny, sometimes he is annoying.
But. all the 3 units that he taught.....
Geo 102, Field Mapping, and sedimentology
i got distinction
Gonna miss him lots.
And i am going to blog about him again soon.

I know. this is a random post.
i got nothing to blog about.
i blog because i am bored.

I miss 3ps with them!


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