Sunday, July 18, 2010

chinese from china that POTONG my queue. wtf

I am not racist. especially to my own race.
But... sigh... okay.....
Yes, i am now in Miri.
i met a ?????? chinese from china today.
I was on my queue to the immigration counter.
then a 40+ years old uncle from china as well, standing infront me.
when it comes to his turns, logically, i will be the next one right.
but hell. no.
he asked his son. to stand BESIDE me.
queue HORIZONTALLY with me.
i was like. ??? what the fuck do you want???

then ok... his dad done, he ran to the counter before me. i just stand there and watch.
apalah orang ini. potong potong barisan. kurang ajar.

I HAPPY to the max when the custom asked him to queue to the next counter.
actually the counter there written
''pemegang mycard''
ah cai, u don't have my card, i tata first. lalala.

i am bored in miri.
and pappi is just too cute.

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Thristhan said...

Hahaha, at last kena jugak :). Anyway I have those who cut queue, regardless of race.