Sunday, November 8, 2015

Japan trip day 1, 8 nov 2015

From Myy to kul. Too excited 

Reached klia2. We ran all over to arrival hall. Claimed our luggage and prepare to meet mr.ed

Edwin belanja lunch, subway. 

Aummmm. Nyamai isi, 

To the departure hall. Dowan to kalah. Lol. 

Our flight from Kuala Lumpur to haneda. D7 522. 

Wefie with our flight, heh.

In the flight. 7 hours of sit there dunno what to do. Zzz! I don't know why it is so hard for me to sleep in train or bus or plane. Damn sien one. 

Malam damn suwit. Hahahaha. Whatever, I am happy. Hahahaha

He said he is model, lol. 

My friends damn good sleep. Lol 

See, lol. With earplugs some more 

Party party. Lol. We actually prebook 6 sets of food. Big eater.

Vegetarian chicken with ginger fried rice, seriously. Not nice hahaha

View of Tokyo from top. Lol 

Beautiful Haneda airport, 

How min with his hua2 luggage. Hahaha, I thought I shouldn't take this pic, but whatever. Hahaha

Our apartment. 2 rooms, but seriously small. Haha. It is difficult to even find a place to put our luggage, hHa. But it's a nice stay. With washing machine, free pocket wifi, milk cereal. Nice. Haha. It's located near to nishi shinjuku station. 

The second time room.

We arrived apartment around 1230am. Bath and baring2, prepare to go to tsukiji fish market. Hehe. Long long day. 

Oh ya. We took taxi from haneda airport to our apartment at shinjuku for around 9k yen. 

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