Monday, November 23, 2015

Japan trip -Tokyo day 2, 9th November 2016

we took a taxi from apartment to tsukiji fish market. Taxi driver dropped us at the main gate. Lol.
We actually sesat to find where to register to the tuna auction. I will cry if we cannot make it to the lucky 120. Hahah. 
And know what, we are the last 5. 
and the reservation for today's visitors ready finished. We arrived here at 3.45am. Hahaha. early Enuf huh. Instead of wake up early, we actually didn't sleep at all. Hahaha

We are in the second, blue group (even we arrived before 4am lol). Damn sleepy. 
Bought coffee from the vending machine. 130 yen 
On the way to the tuna auction. After waiting for like 2 hours plus? 

So many people. 

The auction. Like super huge tuna! The tuna sold out in probably 5 seconds? They sounds like singing. Sama samaras lol. 

The smiling tuna.

Wefie during the auction. 

If you asked me if it is worth it to visit go to the auction. I would probably say no? Hahaha. Basically you just need to wake up like damn early, for for another 2 hour plus. Just for 25 minutes of show. Hmm. After that you will be damn tired. Hahah. I am like walking dead walking around the Tokyo city now. 

After the auction, we walking around the market, wAsabi yo.
Around the tsukiji fish market. 
Bought a piece of tamago 

100 yen. Too sweet la. Not so nice.

Hey, see those people Queuing up.

For sushi dai. We did not queue up for
This. We went to zanmai sushi instead 

Fatty tuna. 400 yen per piece, I don't eat raw, but this is acceptable. I don't feel like it is super delicious. Just something I can put into the mouth. Cause I really don't eat raw 

3 of us shared a bowl of this. Omg, full I tell u. They said it taste like salmon ejaculate in your mouth. True story. I never expect sea urchin to taste like that. So creamy. Still not my type of food. Hahahaha. 2800 yen for this. Quite expensive .

So cute 

We bought pasmo card, and took train to imperial palace. Not too red yet. But still very autumn and ermm fall.

Outside the imperial palace. At the garden. Just because the tree is so bonsai. 

Like this. Really geli. But so pretty. 

Another wefie at the garden.

I tell u. Traveling with two guys can be awesome too. U will get your free tour guide. What I need to do is just follow. Hahaha.

The imperial palace. The picture where you can google, hahah. But look at the pretty reflection. 

Move on to Akhirabara. 

It's like the heaven for those it freak.

There's also a 6 or 8 storeys sex shop. Porn dvd playing all around the shop. Ahhh ahhh ahhh. What toys u want? U name it they got it. Haha. Costume? Of coz. Dildo? What size do u wan? Fake pussy ? Fake boobs? Lol. Porn dvd? U wan sm? Lol 

That's my very high friend. 

See that tenga? Heheh 
After that we went to yarakucho for our lunch? High tea? Not sure. Gahaha it's a bar under the train.

To tsukishima for monjayaki

It's weird. Not as tasty as I imagine.
Actually we just went to a random shop. 
With lots of the pictures where celebrity having the monjayaki there 
Itu dia 

To odaiba for this super size gundam. 
Super hard to find exit shopping mall. Haha 
Then we back to shinjuku for dinner at omoide yokocho for yakitori. I swear, the best grilled satay I ever had. It cost more than rm100 per person. But trust me, totally worth it. 
We drunk a little. Hahahah a 

Walk back to apartment. It's cold. Haha 

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