Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Short escape to Ho Chi Minh part 2

Huifenn says: Makan Makan 

After the drama with the hotel receptionist, we went out to look for food. 

Our first meal at Ho Chi Minh, at Vietnamese cuisine. The shop is located nearby our hotel. 
The price is average, and the food is not too bad too. 

This is crab paste noodle. Fabulous I would say. Lol 

Beef noodles. Two thumbs up. 

Lenny ordered this. Mee hoon? Not too bad actually, but it is just too green and dry for me. Not my type
The famous, but I think overrated Vietnamese spring roll. Yeah, same, it's just too green for me. I hate mints. Wrapped with pork and bean sprout, with mint leaves? It's just yuck for new. Lol 

Final product, I respect on how Vietnamese consume vegetables. They are healthy.
Oh ya. The drinks. As u can see from the photo. Super rich coffee. Lol. U have to wait for the ice to melt before u drink. Lol. And rainbow ice I think. Some colourful sago with santan. Yea, felt like drinking raw santan. normal longan ice with lotus seed. And chendol. Pretty much like Malaysian chendol. Just super thick santan. 

We paid 390k dong for this meal. 

After the very satisfying dinner, we decided to go to Hard Rock Cafe. 
We actually attempted to walk from Ben Thanh market to Hard Rock Cafe. And know what, we have no sense of directly at all. 

While walking, we stopped by few travel agent shops to ask for the price of cu chi tunnel and Mekong river trip. Mostly cost above 300-400k dong. 
At a shop opposite to luxe hotel, we asked for the price, he charged us only 5usd for cuchi tunnel tour. And 9usd for Mekong river tour. The price is so much lower. We decided to book cu chi tunnel trip first (just in case if it is fraud we will just loss 5usd lol, play safe). We paid 500 dong for 4pax to cu chi tunnel tour without entrance fees (110k dong per person). 

We realiZed that we cannot be able to walk to Hard Rock Cafe. We are walking away from it based of the map. Lol. So we decided to go with taxi. We were so afraid of taxi scam, after reading blogs about how people get scammed from taxi driver. Lol. We stop by a hotel lobby and asked the bell boy the directly to Hard Rock Cafe. He said he helped us to call for a taxi, 40k dong to hard rock. Oh yea, we paid 40k dong for a vinasun taxi to the destination. 

Starbucks is just beside Hard Rock Cafe. I got my Starbucks tumbler. And I am so happy. Lol 
Welcome to the family pretty. 

To be continue. Lol 

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