Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Short escape to Ho Chi Minh

Huifenn says: part 1

Arriving at Tan son nhat airport around 3pm. We bought 2 SIM card, 200k dong each for 9gb, which is pretty affordable, and for the 5 days stay there, we do not face any poor connection. Even at cu chi tunnel or Mekong river. Recommended. lol. 

After that, we attempted to asked few people around the airport on which bus we should take to Ben Thanh market. Trust me, google translate is the best innovation ever. Lol. 

We managed to catch up on a bus opposite to Burger King, if I am not mistaken the bus number was 152 or 52. Don't really remember. Blue colour. 10k dong for each, including luggage. Around rm2 after convert, which is soooo cheap, compared to taxi probably rm60. 

Duration from airport to Ben thanh market took around 45 minutes?  It's an air conditioned bus, it was quite crowded and doesn't have pleasant smell. Well, what do you expect from rm2. Lol. Overall we are quite satisfied, I guess? And we felt independent by taking bus. Lol 

Our hotel, city hotel 35 is very near to Ben thanh market, to be precise, just few steps from Ben thanh market, and Ben thanh night market is just below the hotel. Really good location. 
City hotel 18, the sister hotel, where we had our breakfast everyday is just located opposite to city hotel 35. They are operated by the same company. 

One of the thing that I am really pissed off is the receptionist. Upon our arrival, we checked in to the hotel, the reception requested 4 of us to give her our passport. We gave it to her, she asked us to go to the room, and leave the passport there for her, with an excuse that she need to photocopy the passport. After few argument, we went to the room and left the passports with her. We said after we drop our luggage and toilet relief we want the passports back. 

So after 20 minutes I guess, we went to the hotel lobby and wanted to go for dinner, we request to have our passport back. The receptionist refuse to return it back to us. I told him, we need to go out, and it is impossible for us to go out without the passport, what if police wants to check our passport. 

She refused to return it and told me, she is the citizen for decades and the police never check her passport. I was like what the heck? i insist to get back the passports, and I just staring at her. Lol. I saw she already photocopied our passports, but I don't understand why she need the passports. Then she returned the passports back to us unwillingly lol. 

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