Saturday, October 26, 2013


HuiFeNn says: finally a blog post from a computer. 

I cannot actually believe that i can type a super long and emo post using my phone. lol. actually i have no idea of what to post about. i am just too bored to sit in the unit, doing nothing, and yes, nothing. 
FYI, i am now at Naga-3, samarang field. 2 more weeks to go and i can be home. lol. 

getting more and more wedding invitation cards.and i am so excited. for the 25 years of my life, i have never been to MY FRIEND's wedding. all these while, i was just accompany my dad or mum to i-dont-even-know-who-the-brides-are wedding ceremony. thats why i am so f-ing excited now. 

I got no new job. i think maybe i complain a little bit too much about the company that actually not that bad. i am still a freshie anyway. dont complain dont complain. hahah. 

few more days to the special day. time flies. 3 years. we are now old. haha. 

wondering when will be my next post? probably few months later. 


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