Friday, January 29, 2010

i want to know what love is

i am stuck in kk for more than a month already. and i really miss my senadin internet....
i miss the internet and chou chou.
Sigh.. i really miss pappiiiiii
i dont miss campus. i dont miss my housemate.

For the very first time in my life...
i received my first salary.
hahaha. and i am really happy.

I got a new friend there.
Imagine. if you're her.
salary, RM500 per month.
ur room rental RM100, u need to send RM200 back to ur hometown every month.
U owed the employer rm100 from the previous month.
Left rm100 for ur food.

Oh ya... Our christmas gift exchange. haha.
i got a nice gift from EDWIN!
and i like it very much.
Thanks ducky. hahaha
and i think i am just too friendly.
I got another present from wong chik yoong, cute little barking dog key chain. haha.
and i name him, chicken wong. haha.
thank you, WCY! oohh oohhh oohhhh ohhh... hhahaha
another xmas present from laikee.
gstring photos with 15 shits inside.
bah. thank you for ur shits.
oh yeah, pluto got new friends.

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