Tuesday, December 22, 2009

cause he's taken u for granted

Brandon and Me bought new Mickey Cap...
show off show off.

This is Brandon's cap. and the one Braxton wearing is mine. hha
Lonely? i am not. hahaha.
Act Nerd. wakaka.
im reading amagrams. amway magazine. zzz.
aww. i like my cap. hahaha.
bah. stop showing off my cap. hahaha.

Photo of the Day: Vincey, HuiFen and Lesilly.

I'm stuck in Miri for a MONTH already
Buhh.... I'll be going to my second home town very very sooooooonnnnnn.
i miss you, Wong Chik Yoong, Lee Chin Vui, Lenny Ng, Kho Kee Hui, Yeap Lai Kee and Jiran!
not to mention subang friends

I am touched.
I received xmas present and card from Honey Wendy Kee.
Honey, u make me miss u so much.
But the postman opened it before me.
sobs. and thanks for the nuggets. (is this the correct spelling?)
Merry X'mas Wendy Kee.
I really miss u. Hugz...

Lavender. Nice.
Daddy Becks, your favourite flower... im loving it.

Some kinda lollipop
Sister bought a new netbook. and she is proud with it.
Went to One Life with nephew.
QUITE NICE.. and SAD....
I am HIV positive. sighs.
Brandon and me bought new spec.

Marina Seafood with family.
I forgot to take the chicken and lamb chop photo. haha.
cz i'm busy eating. haha
Esplanade with God brother and nephew.
Bivalves anyone? haha.
Oh yeah. Not at least i see the shell, i can name it. hahahaha.

B*tchy Lily.... Sunset. haha. freaking nice.

One Life Flip Flop. too small. no size. haha. but then still okay lah.
Tang Yuan... Happy Tong Zhi everyone.
Tang Yuan, sis yelled me early in the morning to make these balls.
My family had a small steamboat party.
Prawn Balls.
Food in the fridge...
Sister very hungry, she cant wait to eat all those.
Pork something something, quite disgusting actually.
fish cake from kk
sister homemade yong tau foo?
and here it goes.
no chicken = not nice for ah hui (mom said)

Before Dinner, dad's car tercucuk something.
steel or something... very big. like 4cm in diameter. haha.
Farewell Mr. Tyre.
We went outside to kaypoh kaypoh.
and sister vain again. haha.

After dinner, we went to boulevard. got pesta makan or something.
god brother used rm10 to win 3 boxes of drinks.
He is lucky.

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~leYing~ said...

hey SIM, how are you? Happy New Year to you.
Those pictures tell that you are enjoying your life very much. NIce food over there ....gosh, I miss those food.
Take care =)