Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thanks guys

Bye Bye 20. i am 12 years old now. heheh. still young.
hahaha. thanks for those who sent sms and mail to me. hahaha.
i got a special mms from leshlie and the gang hahaha. thankz.

I am quite happy today. hahaha. okay, you're right, my quota for laughing just finished. need to reload. hahaha.

My Birthday wishes
1. about family
2. about friends
  • Lily will grow taller
  • Vincent will win the competition, i want him to be MISSSSSSSSSSter Curtin
  • I cannot see Yi Xiu (smaller and smaller)
  • Liwen 不要本来就是这样。我们都懂你的mentor很帅。 哈哈哈哈
  • Man Huan 不要那么sissy. 我要pump走他的rubella. hahaha
  • Can compress zeya from ------ to ---
  • uncle(s) dun come visit our friends.
  • Sing Ping not blur anymore
  • Edwin wear green underwear
  • Shu Ling 不要那么爱我。我会不好意识。 哈哈哈

    I am not greedy. hahahaha

    Funny Conversation (From Lily's blog)

    Lily : You think i looks like Chen Qiao Enn? (same questions again. haha)
    Wen Han a.k.a 3 injection of rubella : No, i don't think so!
    Lily : Hui Fen! Ur friend say i don't looks like Chen Qiao Enn!
    Hui Fen : I wanna kill him! No! I wanna circumcise him! Where's the plastic knife i used to slice the cake just now?
    Edwin : Hui Fen, he still have meh? I thought his dut~ had been sliced off already, that's why he's like this.
Hui Fen : Edwin! You want me to potong your's?
Edwin : The knife is not sharp enough.
Everyone : Hahahahahaha~
Hui Fen : I really wanna "yim" you already!
Lily : Hui Fen! Ask him if you want him to take it out himself or you help him to take it?
Hui Fen : You want me to help you or you self service?
Lily : Hahahaha...(melt terus)

Again, Bye Bye 20, 12 here i come. hahaha

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