Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Long Long Post

Story 1: MIRI HAWAII with my sis, GOD-Brother, Nephew and my daughther, Pappi the basset

Lily, He is more dangerous than me! hahahaha

My Nephew with his nen nens, i mean shu shu. susu. hahahaha
My Pity Daughter, hahahaha
Ha... Ha... HaCHOO!!!

just too tired. she is damn cute for me. hahahaha.
i will kill u if u say that she is not cute. hahahahahaha.

My sis blond her hair....


Story 2: My sis and I went to Trusan.
She is very proud of her CUTE AND LARGE LADY BIRD umbrellaRIP Mr. Umbrella. We'll MissHH YOU

Lily Lum, i MISH you...
Kong Shu Ling, I want to Shee You..

Tehseefy please sit down: Pleash shit down.

VINCENT CHIN is very pretty! I VOTE you for MISS (without TER) CURTIN!!!
Hahahaha. dun kill me please. hahahahaha

Lily: Imagine!! IMAGINE!! EDWIN accidentally TERkisssHH Vincent! and vincent's reaction.....?? Can i laugh?? Stop laughing u Lily Lum! hahahahahahahaha.

Broccoli + poodle = LAUGH
w580 + compress = physics
supernova + fold = Geology

Conversation (Leslie and Vincent)
Vincent: Leslie, u dun act handsome, you're not handsome at all.
Leslie: what the heck, i know you're pretty and the girls agreed too.
Vincent: Really ma... you're not handsome lor.
ME: PUhhhhh!!!! Hahahahahahahaahahahhaha..vincent, dun explain anymore. hahahaha

Lai Kee and the pocket incident

While i was busy doing something in class.....
Lily: Eh, HuiFen, actually Laikee quite leh feh lor. my brother also like this, can come to campus wearing short pants with tshirt.
HuiFen: (look at LaiKee) EH!!! LAIKEE!!! UR pocket is outside.
LaiKEE: haha. OkOk ( Red FACE) hahahaha.
Lily: Hahahaha (hitting me)

Few more hours, in GEOLOGY lecture.
Huifen: (looking at laikee's zip) U zip right??
Laikee: (look at his zip-smile) Already.

The next day.............
ask lily wad happened to my eyes. hahahahahahaha.


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