Sunday, February 15, 2009


My New Adi.

i am suppose to going back to kota kinabalu today, but due to some stupid reason, the plan has been postponed. and i am sad.

okay, first incident, thanks to my beloved darling, ball ball the dog.
stupid ball, he thought he is still the hero. but he is actually worse than a cat. sigh. he went up. fought with the other dogs. and bring back a pail of red liquid, called BLOOD. wtf. u cannot imagine how much blood bertaburan at my home. shit. my sister in law spent quite a lot of time to clean it. i thought my dog will die, but thanks god. he is still my healthy dog. and know wad. sis called me, said my dog was seriously injured. i get shock. and i rush home, once i reached home, my nephew, braxton crying, and shout to me, 'BALL BALL BLEEDING, GO AND SAFE HIM'. i am so blur that time, i am not a vet!!! i am just a girl who in love with dogs. i do not know how to cure a injured dog. so i took some tissue paper, and wipe his blood away, but, know wad, the blood will never stop. wad i got in the end was a red tissue paper. how scary it was. i wanted to bring my dog to the vet, but then i vipe vipe, put some medicine, i found it was actually a small HOLE. WTF lar....... just a small hole, my dog lost a pail of blood. shit. okay, he is completely healthy now.. and i will buy him PIG liver for him to bu xue. hahahaha.

okay. 1am, mom get a call, something happened to my brother. and my trip to kk postponed. sigh. wong chik yoong i cant wait to see you!!!!!!


Chinese New Year 2009
it Look like sperm to me. sweat. camera problem
First day of chinese new year, Open House


Brandon's Birthday
Opps, not her, she is not brandon, perasan bday only. hahahaha. Nah, this is the real brandon sim, the lucky bday boy on the first day of cny. hahaha.

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leYing said...

Sim, so now, how's your dog?
Very healthy after you let him eat pig liver? =)