Saturday, February 28, 2009


Budak, i miss u very muchhh. hahaha. praying.
Hope nov 2009 is tomorrow. hahaha. cant wait for u to come back la. join me and licin, 1am 7eleven. hahaha.

Halo cafe with u and lee chin, dedicate song for him. WO HEN MANG. nvm nvm. i will run to tasmania with my dog and adidas. hahahaha. u wait. lol.
faster online ar...

HAHA. its 2.41am. guess wad. i am still in curtin ict lab. hahaha. with 3 little monkeys. Liwen, Sing Ping and Man Huan. hahahaha.... wonderful day. hahahaha.went to bintang plaza. shopping. playing in toys R us. hahaha... Childish. lol. and Liwen found her best friendS. ''i like to move it move it''. so cute. haha. and DORA. haha. hello DORAPERCILIA....
popular. hahah....architecture books. hahaha. nice house, nice bath room, nice bedroom...and of cz, nice comments. hahahaha.

Not this book of cz... this book costs me 200 bucks. hahaha. what? i am going to study the portrait of a planet????

GEOLOGY class is fun. hahaha. nice friends. hahaha. i love them. LILY LUM, i love you. LESLIE CHONG, you're handsome. i want ur notes. hahaha
Laugh Laugh Laugh and Laugh everyday. hahahahahaha.
LILY's blog

thank you low man huan for ur m&m. im lovin' it. hahaa.
Huifen: U still owe me marriot. hahaha.
Manhuan : Faint and speechless.........................

and DORAliwen, ur dragon candy. haha. nice.i forgot to gv shuling

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