Friday, May 2, 2008

Ball Ball

haha.. my second target. Ball Ball Lee Kien Hou. haha. haha... lol... although he want me not to upload his 'handsome' picture in my blog... (cause he is low profile i guess)... but then i cannot make my readers dissapointed right? Must show them how 'good looking' this Ball Ball was. haha.

ok.. introduction first. haha. . Ball Ball(s) is/are important for me. haha. first of all... i would like to intro my doggy... Ball Ball... i named my dog Ball Ball because of Ball Ball (Lee Kien Hou). haha.. seriously. haha. i feel like this name is cute... suit for my dog. hahaha... cz it suppose to be the name of ur pet right? Ball Ball.. erm. hahaha. but then.. i used to call Lee Kien Hou 'Ball Ball' already. haha. so... doesnt matter. hahaha.

I met this fella in ICPU-Taylors. August 2006. haha. thru my laopo... Hwee... hahaha... i forgot already how i get close to him. if not mistaken. is because of International Business class. haha. he is my classmate. haha. sit beside me. hahah. lol... easier for us to cheating during exam. hahaha.

know what. Ball Ball Lee Kien Hou... he is actually a very 'hardworking' guy... haha... hardworking in wad? Doing assignments? studying? reading? NONONO!!! hahahah.... yeaa.,.. you're right. hardworking in sleeping, Dota-ing, Maple-ing, Playing, Eating, dreaming, dating and wadever.. as long as not related to studies. haha. true lo. this is true. ask him... hahah. he admit already, hahaha.

wad else ar.. oh. he is hairy. hahaha. sexy hair. hahahaha.. lol. he scared of me... cz i like to kacau and play with his leg's hair... haha. comb his hair with shell. hahaha.. i guess he hates me. hahaha.... (Ball, u hate me anot? haha... lol... next time go to yuen again. hahaha. i will comb ur hair nicely... promise k).

haha. and ball ball hoh.... he is very kedekut one... i need urine for my Biology experiment. i asked from him hoh. he dowan to give me lo. haiz... so sad. hahaha. but then... luckily he x gv me. haha, or else hoh.. try u imagine... 4gals... sopana, me and dunno the other 2... testing his urine. yer... so geli. hahha. yer... hahaha... .weird experiment. urine test... haha.

He is rich,.,, yaya,., he is rich... (if not how he can able to make a cable car for me.. hahahaha,. jk lar... hahaha)... he will be a potential farmer. haha. the most 'handsome', 'cool', 'cold' and 'smart' farmer (i wan to say businessman, but then he said farmer is better). hahaha... maybe 4 years later. u go to cameron highland... if u see a farmer that is very good looking... then u can go and greet him... "hello, are u ball ball?" then he wont answer ur question.. he will show u his leg. (he shave the hair of his leg.... to B A L L B A L L (right) L E E K I E N H O U (left)... hahhaa. jokes. lol.

He is the daikor of our Hush Puppies Gang, haha. he is older than us ba. hahah... (I never feel like he is younger, haha. only face looks older... his attitude.... erm...sometimes like small kids) hahaha.... sorry ball. haha. he dun like to do his assignments... haha. when i was in icpu.. i am the one yang kena selalu. haha. haiz...stupid ba... help him to do.. hahaha...

To be honestly hor... sometimes i feel like this ball ball hoh. very thick face. hahaha. last time.. if not mistaken la. he told me that dunno which lecturer sayang him because he is good looking. i asked him back la. no mirror ar ur home meh? he said got. but then he mirror keep on telling him that he is good looking.... hahaha. what the......... hahahaha. ok la. he is not that bad la... he has 'inner beauty' lo.hahahah

This guy ar.. .haiz... always skip class... Dota-ing until morning. then skip all the classes(ICPU)... haiz.but then he can manage to pass... haha., tot he will stay there for 4 or 5 sem. hahahaha. i am bad. he is smart la. hahahaha. maybe luck. hahaha. no lo. because of his look lo. cz he is handsome ma. so the lecturer dowan to let him fail. hahaha.

Ok la.. he is a nice and good friend of mine. hahaha. lol... "as we go on, we remember, all the times we, had together, as our live change, come wadever, we will still be, friends forever".

haha. ball. when i go subang, i wan to play monopoly with u again. knw wad... I will make u bankrupt again... hohoho... i am the WINNER... hahahaha.

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Please pray for my Ball Ball(the dog).. 'He' is sick la... sad... :(

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