Monday, March 24, 2008

Krista Kids

Krista Krista Krista
My school, my pride, my joy,
Here's a new beginning for every girl and boy... K1 and PH2 - Terence, Vega, Kai Lin, Aqidah, Ariff
He is Jefferey Ling... he is very very very cute

Dont try to disturb him... or else, he will angry haha

Noel Liew - he is the youngest boy... 2++ years old

I like this kid damn a lot. he is cute. Marcelinus Berryl Yap

He is Adli...

Anselm Ting, from singapre
Terence Ting, Anselm's brother. One of the smartest boy in K1

Meeza, her handwritting is NICE

Aqidah. she is cute actually... haha
Davevians, no more crying la. haha

K1 class - orientation

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