Monday, March 10, 2008

Friends and Friends

hello everyone. HuiFen miss her Taylor's friend
do you believe in true friendship? yea, i do...
I love and miss them.. cz they are my best and true friendS.. and i am lucky, i got them =>

1. Her best friends, Wendy, Sze Hwee and PeiWen

seriously.. you'll never believe how much i love them. :)

2. My Hush Puppies Gang

The coolest gang that i ever have. hahah. i love all of them. Ng Shan Yuan(ah Bee), Ivan Choong, Lee Kien How(ball), Eng Guan, Jacky Tan, Sze Hwee, Wendy and myself... they are the greatest friends that i ever had. haha. strong friendship.... Hush Puppies Ro

3. Account Class

Period 3 with miss esther... the nicest class in icpu. the lalaEST lecturer in Taylor's College. and the our STRONG FRIENDSHIP TESTS. hahaha.... miss u guys. ho kwin, jin herng, bryan, yee hong, hann, clinton, sylvester and theng chun. i love all of u. hahaha.... i wont forget our friendship test.. and ho kwin... u use the camera. hahahah... miss account class and miss esther. our lala lecturer

even though we just knw each other for less than a year.. i do really appreaciate our friendship. and i miss u guys always. Key, Soon, Ivan, Teh0,JyeDin,Ball,Bee,FooeFoo, and the camera man, he is a kind and nice friend... (desperate??) thanks eddie for being my friend, and brother? more broken mirror la.. friendship is everything.

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