Thursday, March 20, 2008


This is where i am currently studying in. Curtin University of Technology Sarawak Campus.
The big building is the Library, then the 3, smaller, are the general purpose building, 2 more, Chemical and Mechanical Engineering Building behind.
Hahaha... Practical Test on tuesday., at Chemical Engineering Building Room203I need to finish two labs in 3 hours. and i manage to finish it. Proud. ehem ehem this practical test is very important. haha. as u can see from the pic... if u can get 67% in ur lab reports, 1.00 marks(final mark) is in your pocket already. haha. then the practical i think is... 8M. hahaha scary right.Fortunately, i did manage to finish it all. hahaThis is my answer. hahaha. i knw cacat.. but at least i can finish it. hahaha. My Results... quite accurate, hahaha. I dunno how to draw this graph. hahaha. this experiment.... failed. hahahaThe First experiment is to 'play' with this thing. hahaha, i dunno wad is the name of this machine. hahaha.... It has something like this... (looks like bridge huh)...
This is the Beam Apparatus, hahaha... this experiment is fun. haha. the only thing i remember is the lab techniqian play with the 'left right left right and up down up down" hahaha... to balance the beam?

afDecided to take some other machine photo. hahaha... i dunno wad is this.. but it looks like.... hahahahaha...... familiar?? in cartoon??? yea.. i think so.. hahaha

I dunno wad is this. but it looks complicated.

(Oh ya... i think the lab techniqian helping us.. hahaha. he give me the calculation and solution...for one of the question)

Well... this some pictures of Curtin Campus. This is the bricks... red bricks.. that i already bored of it..

Nothing else.. i just think that this is nice, (=

in materials tutorial... nothing to do.. u see Mr.Zeya... hahaha. so short

Lake in campus
The Flags

Ok.. this is my company diary(communication). well... %$*&^$

In lecture hall.

This is not CURTIN... this is TAYLORS... hahaha. english 3u final exam. hahaha, not going to tell u who i actually wan to 'zoom'?

BTw, this is my new adidas shoes. haha. bye bye nike.. say hello to adidas. lol. lame

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