Sunday, January 5, 2014


HuiFeNn Says: you know what,
this is what I felt now. LOL~ 
Once upon a time, with this dark and short guy. lol. when I was short hair. LoL. I miss my Curtin days.  sighs. I am too old now.
Opps, before i forgot, Happy New Year 2014 to myself. (yea, I know one day I will read this back, I hope that I will capture at least bits of my memories here, before I forgot).
My New Year resolution is to get new job. fuck, i desperately need a new job. anyone willing to hire me? I don't mind if I get smaller pay than what I have got now. I just wan a stable job, and a company that will appreciate my efforts. U know the feeling of worthless? doesn't matter how much you have done, no one appreciate it? fuck all these. i am not happy.
I became so grumpy nowadays. Like angry bird. throwing tantrums to everyone. LoL. don't blame me, i am aries. Probably i need to set a new year resolution, to become less grumpy. haha. i know this is almost impossible. ya. haha.
I don't know since when, but recently I realized that I became a complain freak. I complain almost everything. everyone. LoL. Yes, i know. i should change it as well. And thanks to my company, I adapt all these bad behaviour. i guess i used to be a good girl? hahahah.
Requested to go for course on Feb 2014 with how min. but i got rejected. no word can describe how disappointed i am. not to myself. but to my company. LoL. ok. see, i am complaining and babbling again. lol. i have confident with my work. no doubt. over confident level: unbelievable. hahaha.
ok, stop complaining about the company, because when i look back, i actually got a lot more from them. even though i am still not happy. hahaha. at least they sent me to different part of the world. which i really appreciate. haha.
i guess the most memorable thing in 2013 is to have a course in Paris, France. U know what, never in my life i have ever think of going to Paris. So, i cannot consider this as dream came true, because i never dream. ok. thank you company.
and another thing is that, i complain about my basic salary to the boss. haha. what the hell, its not because i am a complain freak, but come on, how will you respond if u realize that you got the same salary with your trainee that recently join? u already worked for 2 years, and you get the same damn thing? of course complain la. but after i complain, they didn't give us any good explanation. which makes me more pissed off. hell.
i stuck in Naga3 for so many hitches. that i have completed 3 wells, and 2 more to go. i hope that by the end of this month i will be home, and manage to get my Chinese new year off. So, dear miss coordinator, please keep your promise. or else, u will not be able to find me on Hari Raya this year IF i am still with your company.
LoL. Naga3 is one of the best rig that i have ever been. seriously, i love this rig. i guess i will be really sad after we rig down. from food to crews, all nice. hahah. if it is not nice, i wont stay here for so many hitches. haha.
too much mumbling. met this new trainee, and she said that i like to membebel. ok. i admit. haha.
U know what, even though i am committed in a relationship, but i don't feel anything. because sometimes i wonder if LE BF remember me. i am not sure whether i am a big failure or he is. i am a failure that my bf don't remember me? or he is just sucks? no idea. ok, i guessed i love the wrong guy. but what to do. u tot so easy to stop or end a 4 years relationship ah? ok. stop all the shit about just forget about it. say easy. do hard.
i miss my pappi so much. i wonder if she still remember me. sigh. pappi mammi coming home soon !

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