Tuesday, September 7, 2010

never STOP loving (ii)

HuiFeNn says: I blog for myself. I don't force you to read my blog.
just go away if you don't like my style of blogging.
if you think what i write
is ''who cares''...
then just go away. and who cares if u read my blog or not. duhhhh
If everyone can blog like xiaxue, then i guess no one will bother to work anymore.
just stay at home and get income from blogging =.='''

Okay. back to my STOP topic.

  • STOP CONTROLdon't try to control someone that you care. maybe its okay for you to control. but don't exceed the limit. else she will show this to you.

  • and ask u to FUCK OFF! its so f*cking annoying when someone is controlling someone. like... you're controlling ur target, not your girlfriend ah she will definitely feel like.. what the hell this guys want. who are u to control me? wtf.
  • STOP BEING A MUMMYBOYLike... you're going out with your target. and she wants to eat KFC. and u tell her. i'm sorry. my mum don't let me eat fast food, then she suggest sushi king, and u tell her, sorry,it's a little bit expensive, i need to ask my dad first, u call ur dad. and you tell ur girl. sorry. my dad don't let me eat sushi king, i think we go to my uncle's shop there and eat for free. the girl will WTF again. then she say. BORING. go for a movie? and u say. i am sorry. i need to ask for my mum. if i can go out or not. i am sorry. my mum don't let me go. i'm pretty sure that the girl will SWTF. S for super.

  • STOP all your THOUGHT and START to THINK

  • Example. You thought that you're smart. you thought that you're handsome. you thought that you're rich. you thought that this girl likes u. you thought that you're attractive. you thought that you're sexy. you thought that you're helpful. you thought that you're kind. you thought that you're good in everything.
    Instead of ''THOUGH'' all there. u should start to think. think about it. do i look handsome? what do i need to do to make me more handsome. The handsome that i mean is not physically. girls will give u HIGHER mark if u have INNER BEAUTY. even if u look like lee hom, but ur attitude like shit, they will still have a conference or meeting just to say something BAD about u behind. ''thoughts'' are useless. People thought you're smart. but actually you're dumb. people thought you're sooooo f*cking good in everything. but actually you're TIN KOSONG. so, for me... thought is POINTLESS



LiLy LuM said...

The thing is that i will not STOP loving you..

edwinkwong said...

walao.. another misunderstood girl. i do not think your post is "who cares". i think the person's action is "who cares". i was not shooting your blog la, was just referring to the person's actions.

LiLy LuM said...

he said another.. means.. i'm the other one also... SObbbbbb.. nola.. lol.. i am not as sensitive as "someone" ok.. lol..

HuiFen said...

hhahaha. don't worry edwin. we will not STOP loving DUCK. lol. hahaha.