Sunday, September 12, 2010

Someone is finally Legal today.

HuiFeNn says: Had wonderful dinner with my beloved housemates and Nephew.

LOL. Sorry for the past few posts. My emo post and 'BULLETFUL' posts.
i am not in a good mood to blog.
Pms or anything. suibian.

My Important Part 6: Yeap Lai Kee

This guy is nothing.

He is my friend.
He is my good friend.
he is my best friend.
he is my unimate.
he is my coursemate.
he is my housemate.
he is my companion for dinner.
he is my companion for lunch.
he is my companion for movies.
he is my cook.
he is my driver.
he is my tutor.
he is my lecturer.

Conclusion: He is still nothing.

Basically, he is just a Pig

What i hate about him

and when i complain to him about this, this is what he replied
YLK: you thought yours very good ah?
wtf again. ok. i admit. dang

He is now a Mac/Apple fan boy.

He super hearts apple products. Aiming for apple products. ==

He hobby = scolding others
It's time for me to scold u back! lalala. after he scold, he will act like nothing happen, and tell u... har?? yameh?? mei you... and u will ONLY give him this reaction: WTF

He is super selfish.
selfish until lend me his ipad everyday. =.='''
ok. he is selfish for his face. zzz.
EVERYTIME, when we want to take a photo with him, he will cover his face. lalala.
and found lotzzz of his photos with others.
oooo.. like that la. we're not important. nevermind lorrr.

He is rush
Next year assignment, he can finish now. thats all.

He is #$^&*
Imagine, tomorrow 2pm flight, and u lost ur passport at 2am. $%^&* or not?
his brain = fully occupied by lecture slides and geology stuff.
Every morning, Aiyak, i forgot to bring my handphone

ALTHOUGH he is fussy, annoying, bossy, kaypoh, bad tempered etc etc...
he is still nothing to me
he is still jasdkfnoasdjfoasjdkflajskdfjadsjf;knc zx invoakmc;lkxm;alsfplaks;lcmas;ldk'KFLERJIUBVIDCNKLXZNCNX;kndvscklandskcnsadkncvkdbv lnkdnviadubvcknxckjbScfnasc,xnanckjabskcnak;sd flskdfvaiefhow;jc aljbvl kbgvskdc;l dnvjckdbvkjabsdfkj s;dlcnasdkvnhladjf;oasdj ;lk

Don't understand? its ok. i know he understand then enough liao.

and lastly,
hjfkladsjf;asdjvln iefhoew;fcmaslck/dvkadvnjkasdnc,dsca
Mana promise promisemu?
Old man. dur.


No photos because i blog through phone. haha.



LiLy LuM said...

ur post was on the 12 of september.. lol.. did he fulfill his promise? i will make him confess to

HuiFen said...

he say he is yeng in my heart. i asked why. he say jnsadfkjaskdfnkasnvkasndvk (in this post).
and he don't know that he actually interpret wrongly.

no need to confess.